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Rebound Rumble - 2012

Team 1547 "Where's Waldo"'s 2012 Season

"Waldo had an amazing, but short season this year! Thank you to all the teams for making it so fun for all of us at Granite State Regional (GSR) and Greater Toronto Regional (GTR) East! Thank you to all of our mentors, teachers and sponsors for making everything this year possible!" - Twitter post from the team captains.

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Regional #1 - BAE Systems Granite State Regional, Manchester, NH USA

FIRST Team 1547 "Where's Waldo? had a great start to the competition season at the BAE Systems Granite State Regional. The 10-hour bus ride to Manchester, New Hampshire, was filled with excitement and anticipation; many members were rookies and had no idea what to expect! We represented our team and our country well, since we were the only Canadian team at the regional. Our robot was fantastic and was ranked very highly, placing 20th out of 50 teams! The judges were impressed with our business plan and outreach, and Where’s Waldo was the proud recipient of the Entrepreneurship Award. Here's what the judges had to say:

"This team demonstrated a very universal business model that is extremely sustainable and represents a template that all teams should implement. The plan shows strategic involvement of all the constituents from the school district financial organization, down to the local businesses. The team has a strong and novel community service component and an aggressive plan to continue to expand their involvement and constituents. This all-girls team when asked if a boy could join answered that they would be happy to help them form their team."

Despite not winning, we did our best and had a fantastic time! Look for our iconic red and white stripes, signs, and our spirited cheering at next year’s competitions!