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Overdrive - 2008

Game Description:

In the 2008 game, “FIRST Overdrive,” students' robots are designed to race around a track knocking down 40" inflated Trackballs and moving them around the track, passing them either over or under a 6'6" overpass. Extra points are scored by robots positioning the Trackballs back on the overpass before the end of the 2 minute and 15 second match. Overdrive is played on a carpeted field which is divided by a fence to create a track, and separate the field into Red and Blue zones. The fence is crossed by an overpass marking the red and blue finish lines, and also to hold the game pieces which are inflated balls called "Trackballs". Two alliances with 3 teams race around the track in a counter clockwise direction while manipulating the trackballs to score points.

Game Animation:

Chairman's Essay (requires a PDF reader)

Chairman's Presentation (requires a PDF reader)

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