Who's Waldo?

Team 1547, "Where's Waldo?", began in September 2004 when Trafalgar Castle School and General Motors of Canada collaborated to create one of the few all girl teams within the FIRST organization. Our team's spirit and image have made us impossible to forget. Our motto, "Girls Do!", lays the foundation for our goal of promoting science and technology to women and also to challenge girls to strive beyond their regular comfort levels.

Why 'Waldo'?

Our team name comes from Robert A. Heinlein's novella, Waldo. The main character being Waldo, is a disabled genius who uses remote manipulators (or "waldoes") to enforce his commands. The word now has the meaning of a mechanical agent, such as a gripper arm, controlled by a human. The stripes associated with the name 'Waldo' because of the popular find-it books have become an integral part of our team's image and has gained us a wide range of recognition. 

What's Waldo's Goal?

Our mission is to inspire young women to be science and technology leaders and innovators by exposing them to the possibilities in the world of STEM and by challenging them to strive beyond traditional boundaries we create well-rounded, confident women who have a passion for the global community and a commitment to changing the world one robot at a time.